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Welcome To "AK Glass Works, Inc."
      Frameless(Euro) and Framed Shower Doors, Replacement dual pain Windows, Patio Doors and Vinyl French Doors, Acrylic Glass Block Windows(with lots of hardware and glass options) related needs and more we will help you with at AK Glass Works.  We handle a variety of jobs in Residential, as well as in Commercial & Industrial fields in central California only.  
    Professional installation  quickly and efficiently for all products listed above with warranty. If you would like a free estimate, please fill out one of our online quote forms, email us, or just give us a call at 559-999-4838 or fax your quote request @ 559 275 4123  
    Serving Fresno county and up to 50 miles radius of it's neighborhoods.
Look To Get A Feel Of ...
Bathroom Mirrors And Wardrobe Mirror Doors
Heavy Glass EURO (Frameless) Shower Doors
Semi- Frameless Shower Doors
Framed Shower doors
Vinyl Windows
Pattern Glass Options
steam unit
Request An Estimate For...
1/2" or 3/8"Euro Frameless Shower Doors
Semi-Frameless Shower Doors
Sliding Patio Doors
Wardrobe Doors
You May Also Include...
Pictures of Hardware on installed Shower doors

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